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The Services of ROCHELLE A. RAND, APC

ROCHELLE A. RAND, ESQ. and her team have been providing quality and effective legal services to families and individuals in San Diego county for over 25 years.

Family Law Mediation


Mediation is a stress-reducing, money-saving alternative to traditional litigation. ROCHELLE A. RAND, ESQ. will assist both of you through a cooperative process while acknowledging your emotional and practical concerns.

Her goal is to resolve key issues including the division of property, negotiation of custody and visitation, and the establishment of child and spousal support.

→ Divorce / Dissolution Mediation
→ Paternity Agreements
→ Custody / Visitation Agreements
→ Property Settlement Agreements
→ Child and Spousal Support Agreements

Family Law Litigation


Some family law matters require litigation before they are able to be resolved.  We represent you aggressively and compassionately in the unfamiliar and often-confusing world of Family Court.

We have many years of solid experience in family conflict resolution, and understand the pain caused by family law conflicts and strive to minimize the stress of litigation.  We work tirelessly to protect your physical, emotional, and financial well-being throughout the litigation process.

→ Contested Divorce / Dissolution
→ Legal Separation
→ Contested Paternity
→ Child Custody / Visitation
→ Grandparent / Family Concerns
→ Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
→ Animal Custody and Visitation

Personal Injury

Personal injury understands that an unexpected injury may be a devastating experience for you and your family. In addition to the physical pain which has resulted from your injury you might also suffer emotional trauma and financial hardship.

Your family members may worry about your recovery and may also experience financial and emotional hardship. We will assist you in obtaining fair compensation for your injury, so that you are able to concentrate on healing and your family members are able to put their minds at ease.

→ Automobile accidents
→ Bicycle and motorcycle accidents
→ Pedestrian accidents
→ Slip and fall accidents

Other Family Matters


Not all issues that may affect your family are heard in family court. Many such issues are heard another courts such as Juvenile Court, where adoptions are finalized, and Probate Court where guardianship and conservatorships are established.

We have over 20 years experience in guiding families through these varied courts and legal matters. We will use our expertise to work with you according to the specific needs of your family and the particular type of legal proceeding those needs require.

→ Adoptions
→ Step-parent Adoptions
→ Guardianships
→ Conservatorships