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Reviews & Testimonials

ROCHELLE A. RAND, APC helps families and individuals throughout San Diego County. We expertly and efficiently handle all matters related to legal affairs, to protect your rights and prevent future legal hardships.

With the help of a ROCHELLE A. RAND, APC you will be able to take control of your family situation.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

I had retained Rochelle A Rand APC for various matters over the past 14 years, including a paternity action, divorce mediation as well as other matters. Ms. Rand’s firm has always done an excellent job, obtaining outstanding results. They promptly returned every phone call, answered every email and accommodated my work schedule, including meeting with me on the weekends. Even after I was no longer an active client, Ms. Rand extended the courtesy of answering any questions that arose.

I have referred friends and associates to Ms. Rand’s firm, receiving positive feedback.


"Rochelle is right there guiding the way"

We were distraught over our toddler granddaughter growing up in a home with our drug addicted daughter and her husband who we came to learn was a registered sex offender. We found Rochelle by chance and what a fortunate find that was! Rochelle jumped right in and assisted us with the difficulties of gaining custody of our granddaughter. That was over ten years ago and we are delighted to have our granddaughter cheer-leading and playing tennis. Rochelle is a precious friend to our family! Now our granddaughter wants us to adopt her. - D.B. & D.B.

"Rochelle is a great attorney"

She is meticulous, driven and knowledgeable about her fields of practice. I highly recommend her. - R.H.

"Her help was tremendously valuable"

Attorney Rand assisted me with a dispute with Sharp Memorial Hospital. She also helped me through my bankruptcy filings. - D.H.

"Rochelle Rand has been a blessing to me"

She has worked with me financially through a really tough time. She took an interest in my case and helped me understand how to proceed on a no-nonsense basis. - L.D.

"Rochelle Was Tremendously Helpful"

Over the past approximately 11 years, I have used Attorney Rand to represent me in various matters, including an unemployment hearing, a bankruptcy, and a personal injury matter. Rochelle was tremendously helpful with the unemployment hearing where she fought tooth and nail for a favorable outcome. While I worked with an identify theft resource center, I referred about 10 to 12 people to Rochelle Rand so she could help them with different issues. Compared with many other attorneys who promise the world to you, yet don't deliver, Rochelle really provides excellent professional service! I appreciate how she works with me on payments. I love her to death! - C.H.

"Rochelle and her staff were extremely helpful and professional"

Rochelle and her staff were extremely helpful and professional throughout my divorce. She truly had my best interest at heart.  Truly a wonderful attorney! - B.C., Poway, CA

"Her fees were practical, her advice and concern were genuine"

Her fees were practical, her advice and concern were genuine.  If it weren't for her I wouldn't be a college graduate writing this review in my own home!  Attorneys like this are few and far between. - W.C., Carlsbad, CA

Rochelle and her legal staff did a fantastic job working with my son’s custody and visitation issues. As a result of their hard work and tenacity, my son is able to see his children every week. As the grandparent, I now get to see my grandchildren every week as well. Without Ms. Rand’s steadfast help and support, my son would not be spending precious time with my grandchildren. We get to enjoy family time with everyone, especially during holidays and birthdays. 

This office is caring, concerned and takes a no-nonsense approach for families to have frequent and continuing contact despite issues between parents.


I hired Rochelle for a nasty modification of custody and visitation. She came through with flying colors and did a bang up job. She always kept my spirits up and gave me the backbone and courage I needed to move forward from the terrible visitation I was allowed. Her office’s support was invaluable while I went through this turmoil. Rochelle never backed down and kept pushing forward for the benefit of my children and me. Now, I have visitation with my children every week, where before it was extremely difficult or near impossible for me to see them because my ex and I did not get along and there was always excused why one or other of the children could not have visitation with me or their grandparents.

Without a doubt, I would very much recommend using Rochelle to help you with your own problems like these, or helping your parents get time with their grandchildren.


Rochelle Rand and her staff assisted me with a divorce over a period of several years, as I had to continue to go to court even after the divorce was finalized for modifications. They were always there for me. They obtained very positive and favorable results for me.

I would urge anyone who is looking for a divorce attorney to consider hiring Attorney Rand as she works very hard to obtain the best results for her clients. I know this to be true because she did so for me and for the friends that got great results from her office.


Her fees were practical, her advice and concern were genuine.  If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be a college graduate writing this review in my own home!  Attorneys like this are few and far between.